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Research Coordinator

Mashiat Mostafa

Mashiat Mostafa received her bachelor degree on Politics, Philosophy, Economics and ICT from Asian University for Women (AUW), the first liberal arts university for women in South Asia. She is currently working at AUW as a Research Study Coordinator for a Ford Foundation funded project on Women Empowerment. Ms. Mostafa is also leading a student research group on ICT and New Media at AUW. Social and Policy implications of New Media, Women Empowerment and ICT, and Privacy, are the key focus areas of her research group.  She has worked with an NGO, Grameen Bank, to establish ICT based entrepreneurship project for women in rural areas. For this project Ms. Mostafa was nominated as one of the top 25 finalists in the Dell Women Empowerment Project in 2013. She was an intern at BRAC and helped their communication team and ICT department with their overall communication strategy formulation, research portal design, and in drafting the formal online communication policies for their internal workplace. In addition, She was the event coordinator for the Google Business Group, based in Dhaka to develop their long term, new program “Women on the Web” in Bangladesh.


Azmian photoAzmina Karim worked as the Research Coordinator for the study from December 2013-July 2014.   Azmina graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies in 2013 from Asian University for Women (Asian University for Women). After graduation and working as a volunteer teacher at Minmahaw School, a school for Burmese Migrant students in Thailand, she joined Asian University for Women as a Research Coordinator for this study and worked till July 2014. In addition, Azmina was recognized at Connecther’s Girls Impact the World Film Festival 2013 for her short film Because I Am a Girl, a powerful indictment of domestic violence in Bangladesh.   Azmina has always been passionate about  working towards bringing about positive change on women’s status in Bangladesh, and is taking the next step toward this goal by starting her graduate studies at the University for Peace (a United Nations University, in Costa Rica) for an MA in Gender and Peace Building.


Research Assistants

Listed below are the names of the Research Assistants involved in this study.  An asterisk (*) indicates those who were also involved in the fieldwork of the study during the 2014 data collection phase.  Our research assistants come from a wide variety of backgrounds and were selected through competitive criteria related to research skills, as well as ability to work in challenging circumstances with each other.  In each country most female research assistants from the Asian Unviersity for Women were paired up with male research assistants at field locations.


Afghanistan 2

Afghanistan 3



Bangladesh Team

Sharmin Akter (AUW Alumna 2014, Asian Studies) worked as a Research Assistant for the study from November 2013-May 2014.

Noor Khan (AUW Alumna 2014, Politics, Philosophy and Economics) worked as a Research Assistant for the study from November 2013-March 2014.



India Team 1


India Team 2
India Team 3


Pakistan Team 1Pakistan Team 2

 Karim Khan*, BS (2011) Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology, worked as a field assistant from June-July 2014.

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