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      Planning and Proposal Submission


       Team Building


        Qualitative Research:

                            January – April: Questionnaire Sampling and drafting

                     May: Qualitative Workshop for do in-depth interviews and qualitative research with our research assistants from AUW and elsewhere in Bangladesh (Chittagong), India (Thoduphuza), and Pakistan  (Islamabad).

                           June – August: Fieldwork in  Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

     September – December: Transcription and Translation of the Data collected.


        Quantitative Research:

                        January – April: Site Sampling, Questionnaire drafting, and questionnaire translations

                   May: Quantitative Workshop on survey collection in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan and pilot testing in Chittagong

                        June – August: Survey Data collection in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

                        September – November: Data Entry of Quantitative Data and Analysis of Qualitative data.

              December: Conference Gender and Change—Transcending Boundaries International Conference 2015, Gender Research Center, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, December 8-9 2015.


         Research Wrap-Up

                    January – March: Wrapping up all the research work, Finalizing the Country Reports and Survey Data

                        April -May Paper Publications

                        June – July: Conference Preparation

                    September: Conference Communication Policy and Research in South, 2016  (CPRSouth 2016) Inclusive Innovation, Zanzibar, Tanzania September 9 – 12 2016. 

                October: Conference on the Research Seminar: Agenda: Adagenda_seminar-2016


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