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Data & Findings

Thus far, we have conducted interviews with 122 families during June-August 2014 for a total of 366 individual in-depth interviews. We are currently in the process of transcribing and translating into English the interviews.   In addition, multiple interviews were conducted with NGO practitioners in each of these countries, as well as scholars of  gender relations in the family and public officials.   You can read more about the Methodology by clicking here. The summary findings from this first round of data collection will be shared in the coming months and posted here.

The data collected and associated information created in the study The impact of changes in employment and educational opportunities for women on gender relations in the family is owned by the Principal Investigators of this study: Sara N. Amin, VaruniGanepola and Faheem Hussain.  We are committed to making the data collected for this study available to students, researchers and practitioners so that it may contribute to deeper understanding of social change, gender relations and the family. To ensure that the data is used in an ethical manner and that our participants are protected, we have developed a policy and process by which the data will be shared.  Please review the Data Sharing Policy and Process document and application.

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